Cat and …

What thing goes together with Cat?

Ooops, is there a mistake? Did the cat eat the other half of the sentence? Cat and what? Cat and cardboard box? Cat and fluff? Cat and hair everywhere in your home? Cat and sofa? Cat and ennui? Cat.

All you need is Cat

Respect to all dog-lovers and respect to all other animals, with or without hair, but the thing is, that Cats are loved exactly because they don’t go well together with anything nor anybody. Or they do. You never know, and this inner strength of self-reliance puzzles you, human. Then, they puzzle you by relying on you for food, tenderness, and play-time. Until they decide, that they don’t. Which decision takes them around 0,001 seconds. Purrrfection achieved regardless!

Why is it good to be a Cat?

Because cats enbody self-love. That’s right! Unexpected, but right. By definition, loving yourself means being good enough for yourself. For yourself, regardless of others. Cats do that: they are good enough for themselves. Cats love themselves unconditionally.

And that’s not all! Cats also live in the present moment, in the NOW. Cats get what they want because they are not afraid to ask. And you won’t see a cat holding grudges – which means they not only love themselves unconditionally, but that love includes you too. No wonder cats sleep so well!

Imagine how your life and the world would change if you/we would try to live one day as a cat (I don’t mean to sleep 16 hours that day though). Imagine if you could live in the present, to accept yourself, be good enough for yourself, ask for what you want and not holding grudges: the whole entire day!

I challenge you to become a cat for a day.

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