Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream: it’s about yummy food

Peaches and cream are an extremely yummy combination, therefore most people agree, that they go together just fantastic. Mostly made into desserts, such as this No-Bake-Peach-Pie.

Peaches and Cream: it’s about Life itself

Indeed if everything is going smooth and incredibly idyllic in life, we describe it as “going all Peaches and cream”, for example: Nothing in life is all peaches and cream. Except for weddings, where the Peaches and Cream color range and decoration can be sometimes even the motto of the day. by Fiona Grant

Those Incarnations — they’ve got real jobs to do! It isn’t all peaches and cream for them, any more than for us!

1991, Piers Anthony, And Eternity, page 209

Peaches and Cream: it’s about body and skin

Peaches and Cream often refers to body and skin too, especially in the world of makeup and skincare. The reason is simple: we all want peachy smooth skin, soft like a cream, and as well we put creams on our body in order to own mentioned peachiness.

It is achieved if the facial complexion appears smooth and unblemished.

Peaches and Cream: the Ultimate Combination

A true combination of life, colors, food, body and skin can achieve a deep meaning if music is added into the mix: So done by Bad Boy Entertainment in 2016. Their official music video for 112 – “Peaches And Cream” was creatively directed by Director X.


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