Shoes and Socks

Are Shoes and Socks really a pair?

You might not believe but actually, you should wear socks not only with “shoes”, but also with sandals and pumps. Let’s see, why this horrible statement is really true!

But shoes are shoes. And why do we wear socks under them at all?

This is right. Maybe socks and feet belong even more together than socks and shoes! Don’t make sacrifices for the sake of fashion. Socks are important for the overall health of your feet: they absorb moisture, keep them warm, provide some cushioning to the feet and prevent some rubbing of shoes on barefoot.

Should I wear socks under any kind of shoes?

The truth might sound horrible: yes, you should. We all should. Wearing socks under shoes keeps the feet odorless and dry for a longer period of time (the feet have many sweat glands!), prevents most blisters or sores, and even more serious conditions such as athlete’s foot.

Is it OK for me NOT to wear socks?

Probably only at night, respectively when you sleep. Of course, showering is done without socks unless there are some weird circumstances. And water shoes might be the only footwear that can be worn with no socks and no regret.

I don’t like to wear socks, what now?

Lie down on the couch and open up! Maybe it’s not straight a childhood trauma, simply a feeling of being odd or very unfashionable when wearing socks. Maybe you associate it with aging and associate the idea with healthy compression socks (even though they are recommended for flights and office jobs). Think about it and face your doubts. Then find a solution to win over your concerns.

What kind of socks should I wear?

There are so many fashionable socks! Even more, socks can be used as a fashion statement or seen as an accessory. I knew a guy who always wore socks matching the colors of his sweater. Once you learned how to handle this accessory, you will start to have fun with it. You can also fight problems with your feet by choosing ones that wick away moisture (great during a humid season).

Why you never should wear shoes without socks

That’s an easy one: because you probably put your health at serious risk of developing gross foot conditions like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus, and by repeatedly occurring sunburn, even skin cancer can develop.

Second, because your feet sweat nearly half a liter on an average day, while they will not be able to stay dry. The combination of sweat, stuffy shoe fabrics and a lack of socks create a gross smell. Even leather shoes often use linings of synthetic materials, which is not breathable. And do you really wish your shoes soaking up all the sweat? Socks can be easily washed; shoes can’t.

Maybe ankles are sexy (they supposedly have been exciting during history), and you too wish to flank some “bare ankle”. Maybe your sneakers cost a ton and you don’t want to “ruin the picture”. Maybe you have lazy days where you simply don’t care. Whatever the reason, drop it for the sake of your own and that of your shoes’ health.

Are socks a waste of money?

And do you really wish your shoes soaking up all the sweat? Socks can be easily washed; shoes can’t. Your shoes will thank you too: they will stay in good shape longer. You could wear ped socks, that are low cut socks which fit just above the heel collar of your shoe and end below the ankles. Have fun!

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